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Good Fight

Fail To Be

by Yashira

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The Constant 03:03
Movement in the stillness Inner collection shaken to its core The vision sharpened by the void Stared down by the loss as foundations crumble Touching the constant Knowing its worth as it sinks into the black Push in direction of the light Bound by unfinished growth What’s been given can be stolen What’s been stolen can be taken back White knuckle grip pull against the emptiness Slip through the hands of all who cherish it Reborn directionless Reborn through absence Touching the constant Reborn
Can’t stand the thought Hung on necessity Lack of option Gasp deep for levity Qualify with roundabout logic This continued trial of errors Mindsets perpetuate collective failures Leeches on vultures of willingness Aggregate weapons used in whose favor? Thunder and lapse at their behest Made to empower Pull of the trigger all too familiar Rituals of ardor with static consistency Back broken The weight of epiphany Leap from the grace Gorged with influence Megalithic peaks bound for ruin Bound for ruin Millions of urges buried under piles of stones un-thrown Chewing and bleeding on shards of heaven
The Weight 04:27
This horrible knot mangles the fabric of connection Gusts of sand blast silk sheets in a humid winter Clenched in fists of nexus Slip from palms in the night Bedlam expect, with bated breath, the untimely impact Dust stayed stubborn In patience lain waiting To spread your own ashes you must revere the name These machines steam with speed On track endlessly, as they creep between the walls that keep it all moving Strip weight from ivory frames Sprout frailty from far gone beginnings Good things come to those expecting nothing Spiral through fatal darkness Far removed Lightning collision claps deafness through the soul Spiral through fatal darkness Far removed from the genesis flash
Impasse 03:53
Insatiable thermal discharge pounding down Backslide A sunlit impetus invading the sanctity of solitude Divulge faults of shadow for promised grace Distort identity beyond recognition Persuasion is seeping through the freakish knots in spinal columns This zealous lot’s awareness ebbs with passive bliss Power in wind spread burden on the land Overlooked by rapid eyes Choice uncontrolled The mind has been made Scratching and peeling layers of certainty When push comes to shove we’re all victims Victims of touch Will the chemistry inside ever be satisfied? Will the light that blinds stop shining? Here we fail Cease to feel Here we fail Cease to feel Taste the need Fail to be
Claimed in the phase change Inherent pressure redefine Unyielding need taking form Vaunting disposition An urging for ease unsound Lessen the steps to acquiesce Abdicate decision Ethos depleting Questions dismantled Assumption useless Blooming thorns apprehend The marrow, given to revise Many into one Everywhere at once Without translation, the silence grows Long game now closing Closer to nowhere Faith in stability withheld Portrayal through the aperture Many into one Everywhere at once Patience is waning Witness unerring motion Momentary hold put to shame Instinct out of focus New sun reveal our ailments An urging for ease unsound Skies shift their hue Our shades will be erased
Amnesia 05:37
Coarse tongues take root Chained down Burned in Virulent enamel coating their throats Chained down Burned in Enfold subversion Sense of self unwinds Malignant forges built in their tenet Illustrious shifts of their own making Marred in the haze Propriety good as gone Dead set ire Reaction stripped of meaning They recast the same lines Blood-bound detriments Tread the flames Watch it all break down Watch it all fall further from sentience Inward abrasion Deepened in fear State of retrograde amnesia Infernal and ceaseless Severed tongues can’t speak Rooted in the wayside Severed tongues can’t speak Counter claims run their course Can’t speak
Devotions in dispute Color subdued Pages torn, bindings worn thin Normalcy undermined Past euphoria liturgies No thoughts of difference Sought-after silence Acceptance once boundless Refrain bare clarity Pause to feel nothing before the constant search Envy and burden Failings of passion Become unseen Standards narrowed by strides Numb from mirrored light Final talks lost like the rest Swarmed in the sound Travail evident Reveries overridden Blatant acts devoid of reserve Aged and questioned patterns transgress
Their ripened eyes for the taking Common measures turn to noise Fitting feast for the anemic Loud voices wiser than none Adhere to blue light Assertions to incite Consensus solidified Backgrounds streamlined Selective lies Brought to hollow caves Echoes endeared while frothing at the well Descending steps in line Drying eyes pried open Currents flow infinite Solvent process carried out Spin cascading True contempt emanate Narrowed option They’ll dictate with free reign Rank and file broken in An onslaught of acuity Compliance calcified Memories revered, unsaved Impulsive worship Prone and bound Lost minds monetized Compliance pervasive Terminal fixation Practiced extraction Conduits fragment Repeated failing diffuse No place to dissociate Delusion abundant Deprived of essence Contentions integral Collective fate an afterthought
Kudzu 07:27
Dancing with arson Lexicon maintained Fruits of labor miasmic from heat, yet frozen in memory Revel in the arbitrary threats Servants of circumstance New bonds caught in entropy Made null in the elements Undying winds reduce sympathetic civility Entente turned unstable Glass appeal short lived Shards of disarray driven into common hands New bonds caught in entropy Made null in the elements Undying winds reduce sympathetic civility Spiral floating from toxins Sedated in hushed panic Frayed threads in hand Intentions shift by the second Smoke screen glimmer Pulse in the black Fruits of labor miasmic from heat Await the promised growth


released December 11, 2020

Yashira is Dylan Mikos, Luke Barber, Connor Anderson and Ryan O’Neal. All music and lyrics written by Yashira and Seth Howard. Produced by Greg Thomas and Yashira. Engineered and mixed by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios. Additional engineering by John Howard at War House Recordings. Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering. Assistant engineering by Luke Barber. Guest vocals on “Shades Erased” by Dylan Walker. Front cover by Jesse Draxler. Design and layout by Connor Anderson. Dedicated to the Howard Family.


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Yashira Jacksonville, Florida

'Fail To Be' out now on Good Fight

"Yashira's approach is utterly unpredictable — creating a swirling maelstrom of riffs that shifts and reforms under relentless drum blasts." - REVOLVER

"Their music is challenging at its core...a mix of sludge, death metal, post-metal and prog-isms" - METALSUCKS
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